Submit to The Carrot - magazine of contemporary art and literature by New Writing Cumbria (an Eden Arts project)
Submit to The Carrot - magazine of contemporary art and literature by New Writing Cumbria (an Eden Arts project)


The Carrot Issue 4: TWISTED LOVE

With Valentine’s Day still smarting in our memories like a fresh wound, we thought it was time to issue another call-out for Cumbria’s favourite vegetable-based journal of new art and writing.

Deadline: Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Twisted love can encompass anything from jealousy, to a strange fascination, to a contemporary twist on the traditional, ‘roses are red, violets are blue’. Or maybe it celebrates a bizarre love of something like…….er, postage stamps.

It could be the heated passion of a moment, or jealous rage at a recent ex. Or perhaps love is best served cold, with tonic and a twist of lemon.

We know from Issue #2: Killing that the relationship between love and death is a strange one. Just ask Romeo and Juliet, or Tristan and Isolde, or Kate and Leo, or Sid and Nancy. Maybe love twists together with fate to produce a morbidly satisfying ending, or maybe it just fails to satisfy all round.

Whether it’s a celebration of the twists and turns of love’s journey, a demonic portrayal of that girl / guy you fancied in primary school, or video of you and your loved one doing the twist, we want to see your writing, art, videos, music, recipes, crosswords and anything else about TWISTED LOVE.

When’s the deadline? Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

Who can submit? Anyone from or living in Cumbria.

What can I submit? We’re looking for writing, but we’d also love to see more of other types of artwork: poetry, prose, crosswords, reviews, scripts, memoir, journalism, photos, pictures, video, music, animation… The list goes on. The only rule? It has to fit in some way with the theme.

How do I submit my work? Email your work to, with the subject line ‘The Carrot issue 4′. Make sure you include a short writer’s bio (approx. 50 words).

How long should my work be? How long is a piece of string? How big is your idea? This is entirely up to you, but bear in mind that this is a magazine featuring a number of pieces of work, so we’re unlikely to include your whole novel.

Anything else I should know? For writing, we favour work that’s accompanied by an image, whether this is an illustration, artwork that sheds some light on your piece, or just a (quality) photo of you. This isn’t a prerequisite, and we won’t disregard any piece because it doesn’t have an image – it just makes the magazine look more visually exciting. But please make sure you own the copyright to your image, or have permission to .

Where can I find out more about The Carrot? Right here. Learn about the project and get a feel for the magazine by perusing Issue #1: Cumbria-Land, Issue #2: Killing, and Issue #3: Masked


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