Jennifer Copley, The Carrot Issue 4: Twisted Love
Jennifer Copley, The Carrot Issue 4: Twisted Love

Jilted Lover

Jilted Lover

by Jennifer Copley


After the murder, she takes him to pieces
looking for the stone. Sure enough
she finds it, nestled just behind his ribs
where the heart should be.
She levers it out with a cake slice,
tips it into the sink with a thunk.
Just as she thought – smooth and round as an egg
but deathly cold, and not a single drop of blood.




Jennifer Copley lives in Barrow. She has published three full collections of poetry and five pamphlets. Her latest is ‘Sisters’ published by `Smokestack in 2013. She runs residential workshops and hosts Barrow Writers once a month. Her work has been described as ‘visceral, not for the faint-hearted’.

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