Anna Watkins was a Young C-Artist in 2014.

This image forms part of a series of work, which can be found on the C-Art website.

The grace of the natural world goes largely unnoticed by modern man. It laps at the shores of our cities, but we push it back, turn the heating on and settle down to watch TV. Nonetheless, nature is still there. Beautiful, of course, but all the more so for its darkness; unforgiving and indifferent, the world ignores us back. And yet, there are deep connections still held between the natural world and the human soul. We yearn for it.

My art seeks to explore these connections, this pull that nature has on us. I am fascinated by the reverence that ancient cultures held for the world around them and their understanding of their place within it.
I use a variety of mediums, from printmaking to photography, to access and develop these ideas. I work with natural materials, particularly feathers, to create 3D pieces of wearable art. Using tactile elements in this way brings the relationship with nature closer, and reveals its intricacies and patterns in a different way.

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